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Chucky and Horace.  
03:08pm 25/08/2010
And now I bring you the amazing adventures of Chucky and Horace in Canada-Land.1

Right at this very moment I am sitting in my tiny room that is no more than 8' x 12' pondering how I am going to source good coffee in this crazy mixed up place (seriously I just had 2 espressos and got the kick out of maybe half a Melbourne random coffee) the amazing ability of my body to suggest that it is time to go to sleep at 2:38 pm and how on earth am I going to get shiny, official looking bits of paper that have amazing details of power that will let me open up a bank account so that I can dodge the OH SHIT I HAVE NO MONEY IN A STRANGE LAND AND PEOPLE KEEP ON SAYING EY!2

Thoughts on coffee: What I need to do is simple, 1 go to www.coffeesnobs.com look up their hand grinder options and buy me one of them 2 start chatting to coffee people about the most potent coffee they have and see if I can do science to it to make it better... we can do it.... we have the technology (que theme music to 6 million dollar man) 3 Use the Areo-Press that I bought with me for just this reason. Fuck Yeah Sandwiches

Thoughts on sleep/Horace: This is a tricky one. On one hand I would love to get my body into ship shape right now, stop going to sleep at 5 pm, waking up at 11:30 pm going back to sleep at 3 am and waking up at 6. The other hand of me finds this all quite amusing. Sleep dep is funny when you don't have to do any thing serious/demanding/thought intensive. I have 10 more days of not doing that so I kind of feel like its in my best interest to let my body and brain sort them selves out via the ancient art of interpretive dance and Xhou-pang. Also all this sleep dep makes all the squirrels bouncing around in the morning very funny.

Thoughts on shiny pieces of paper: This is all about the 'power of bureaucracy compels the power of bureaucracy compels' while throwing used up printer cartages at the heathens who do not have shiny pieces of paper to satiate the great gods of red tape. When one lives in a place for some time one creates a paper trail or your identity in this day and age. It is quite hard for a person to formally join another bureaucracy when one does not have the official shiny to prove that you are you. So I am going to be getting my 'go to uni and beg for a print out with my name and address on it' on and see how that pans. Should work.

Sorry that has been a giant work things through out loud while pretending to up-date people on my life. Here is some more things. The place I live in is a 4 story (well 3+ basement) house in a sleepy/quiet/laid back suburb in Ottawa. Its really quite nice with down town being about 20-30 min walk away down one road, with my uni maybe an extra quarter of an hour on top of that, guess I will do some timing once Horace and I sort things out.

There is a nice little shopping strip that is 5 mins walk that has all the things I need for day to day living. Really a great little place, will be interesting to get to know the place and find out more about the surrounds and find as many nooks and crannies as I can in my alloted time I have here. As a side note prices are similar or a dollar more expensive for more grocery items but the cinema is only 5 dollars! Who is going to the cinema heaps in these 5 months? Chucky thats who!

I will start taking some happy snaps with the new pone and post them on my flicker if I can remember the password. Oh yeah I have both interwebs and a pone so if you wanna catch up with me then use the power of Batman and send me an email and I can fill you in with relevant details.

Now I think it is time for some Yoga, a cup of tea and some planing for tomorrow to figure out how to get my bank account up and running.

Take care folks and stay sexy

Chucky P Gigglesworth IV, the self-styled Lord Plumpton

Additional notes:
1 Horace is the name of my Jet Lag.
2 This happened last over seas trip. Except with less housing and more sleeping on park benches and all night web cafes.
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(no subject)  
05:43pm 08/07/2010
In the continuing hungover adventures of Lord Fluffyhead, we see our hero almost leave the house 5 times forgetting things like his dignity, brain, coffee and much more!
See how he overcomes trams, the floor, banks and walking in a straight line. Marvel at his ability to sit down with out groaning/dieing.
Behold the sheer audacity of Fluffy and his plan that involved buying a ticket to get on a plane.
Gasp in shock as he sits in front of his computer for the rest of the night praying that there are no loud noises or a wondering troupe of international Vuvuzella players/jewel thieves.
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03:31pm 11/03/2010
I am sitting in my study spot thinking of how amazingly cut off and disconnected I feel while I am at uni. I am not sure how to take this feeling or what to do with it, I know it is linked to my wanting to do well with study, reluctance of friends to interrupt my study to hang out, which is no fun and also the lack of friends at uni. So far out of 2ish years at uni I have 1 person who I would call a friend who I can have a conversation that does not slide into uncomfortable silence or laughs.

I will write more on this later, class is about to start and its listening/talking time.
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In the happenings.  
12:28pm 09/03/2010
When last we spake, I was pondering whether I was to be off overseas on ADVENTURE! LOVE! and INFAMY! (dammit if there is none I will make it happen... all with out pants!) Well it has come to pass that the powers from overseas saw my glowing awesomeness and did relent from my constant psychic onslaughts! Ahh my filthy brain power worked yet again. So now I am doing documentation for that, for concession cards (it reduces all public transport fees by just under half) reading for pleasure, reading for uni, reading for uni pleasure, trying to organise coffee dates (so far I am 0/2 both times people being hospitalised has changed the nature of the day) watching Boston Legal and getting uppity about the screen writing, getting uppity about screen writing in general, having no less than 3 zombie flavoured stories in the process of writing and generally sliding back and forward between wanting hugs and wanting every one to catch on fire because of spite (while giving me hugs).

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(no subject)  
09:04am 25/12/2009
My twitter feed just told me about Duck sex. Happy Christmass to me apparnetly!

I have been working on my new years manifesto. Watch this space. Things will happen, maybe with bears.
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(no subject)  
11:22pm 16/12/2009
Well its that time again where people are doing things, I am staring off into the distance and trying very hard not to set my feet on fire walk bare foot in 30+ degree heat.

I have come across an interesting idea for the new year. The New Year Manifesto, a bunch of ideals to live up to in the coming year. These will be far reaching and hard to achieve, requiring me to try, grunt, stomp, fail, pick my self up, be tested and come through in an explosion or two. These things will require hard work, commitment and fortitude of the intestinal and mental types. Grit and determination. Guts and determination. It is inspiring. Here is the page that got me started on this.


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Doing things.  
01:54pm 13/11/2009
It seems that november has snuck up on me and said: DO THINGS!

With this glorious directive I will now recount the things which shall be done!

-Apply to go over seas. All of teh paper work is due in on the 30th of Nov. Handy that.
-Go spaz first into the NaNoWriMo challenge and see how far I get. Best thing is I can keep what I make.
-Dig up a vegetable plot.
-Have a working bee.
-Help friends paint house.
-Help brother move his vegetable plot to the back of his house and make the front pretty.
-Start going to watch roller derby! This is going to my "do things that do not inlove bars" social life plan.
-Research and get into volunteer work as close to the renewable energy area as possible. have a few leads that I will be chasing but input is always good.
-And finally do some research/looking into how to plot a comic book arc as it would appear in a comic book. This has direct correlation to my NaNoWriMo project. More on that as well.

I think that is enough to keep me occupied along with some shifts at work /grin. At least untill November finishes will post more things to do when December comes!
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10:42pm 08/11/2009
Come what may, tomorrow at 1 pm I will be on my way to my old work for celebration beers as I will have finished Uni for the year! w00t.

This leaves applying to go over seas for a year, write my NaNoWriMo novel, help with another, start my own mediation business with family and take over my room from my clothes.

There will be more coming next week so bear with me (spelling intended)

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Thoughts on things.  
02:14pm 17/09/2009
Things. Things have been churning, sloshing and generally not like a concrete slab. I will try and explain, but this could also lead to explosions. You have been warned.

Once again I study and work on my inability to do any piece of assessment before the week it is due. It is an ongoing thing but I am slowly working on the underlyeing reasons. Hopefully this will help with change bringing and more importantly being able to hand in something that is not a first draft.

I had my last shift of bar work last Friday. Normally this would be a break in between a another bar job. But this really felt like it was the END of bar work for me. I left this place while still in the good books, but I am at the pinnacle of carrier choice that does not involve me practicing something obsessively. So it is off to start up a business with my Mum and practice what I am learning at Uni.

I am finding more and more that I am the one that will be needing to make contacts and go places as I do not seem to be included in loops. This is my own fault, so I will endeavor to fix it. Finding things that can be done with other people but do not require money are good 'uns. If you have any suggestions that would rock. Hobbies could be a plan.

Pants: The ongoing war on pants continues, spring is here and so I have declared it shorts weather. OBAY!

That is all for me atm, you all stay sexy and I will bring you more morsels of awesome at a later date.
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Tee-shirt idea and other things  
12:04am 01/07/2009
I'm Busy and
Your Almost
On Fire

on the back:

wait here

That line has been bouncing around my head all of today and yesterday, finally got the right words for it.

Besides that I am putting my self back into Yan Can Cook mode, getting excited about looking for placement (its the only way I can motivate my self it seems), getting my n3rd fix from www.toplessrobot.com and just mooching.

I am planing an adventure to Ikea, planning because I am not Ikea is one of the many places I cannot be trusted to go to by my self with any form of currency (would you believe that Ikea will not take other peoples children as payment? Disgusting isn't it?).

I am trying to keep all of my worldly goods confined to a space no bigger than one room because I plan to travel next year for study. So while having a 3 seater home theater couch with recliner, fridge and built in butt massage is a purchase I aspire to it is not something that is necessary now. Bugger.

The other factor in the is I still have no access to a car so once again I will be useing Older Brother Moving Co. TM for all my moving needs (and he is fantastic with stopping me from buying things, although booze does not fall under this category it seems). Which reminds me I need to get sake for consumption and enjoyment.

Stay sexy friends will see you soonish, maybe. If the ghosts don't get me first.
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